Indian Railways floats tender for 200 new rakes of Vande Bharat

These trains are a game-changer for national rail development initiatives.

Vande Bharat
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NEW DELHI (Metro rail News): The Ministry of Railways floated a tender to manufacture 200 new rakes of the next-generation Vande Bharat trains. According to the official information, the project must be finished in 24 to 30 months, and the tender is about 26,000 crore rupees.

Five well-known firms have expressed interest in this project, including

1.Medha + Stadler
2. Alstom
3. Bhel + Titagarh
4. TMH
5. Beml + Siemens

200 Vande Bharat rakes are only intended for sleeping class. Additionally, the train is 2-3 tonnes lighter than the previous generation of trains, and its body can be made of aluminium. Only sleeper-class carriages will have Wi-Fi capability. LED screens with entertainment and passenger information will be installed in every coach.

A photo-catalytic UV air filtration device will also be installed in the newly designed Vande Bharat Express trains to purify the air. In addition, these trains will also incorporate automatic fire sensors, CCTV cameras, and GPS systems to make travel safer and more comfortable.

The Vande Bharat Express trains provide a variety of exceptional and aircraft-like travelling experiences. In addition, all trains are outfitted with cutting-edge, modern safety systems, such as the indigenously designed KAVACH Train Collision Avoidance System. According to railway officials, these trains are a game-changer for national rail development initiatives.


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