Indian Railways Sets Rs 5,400 Cr. Scrap Sale Target for Fiscal 2024-25

Indian Railways has targeted to generate Rs 5,400 crore from scrap sales in the fiscal year 2024-25, marking a 3.8% increase from the previous year's target of Rs 5,200 crore

Indian Railways
Indian Railways (Representational Image)

NEW DELHI (Metro Rail News): The Indian Railways targets Rs 5,400 crore from scrap sales in fiscal year 2024-25, a 3.8% increase from the previous year’s target of Rs 5,200 crore. A recent order from the Railway Board mandates the development of an action plan to meet the target. The directive emphasises maintaining a zero scrap balance, with no scrap from operations exceeding two months in age.

The Northern Railways, which achieved a record-breaking scrap sale of Rs 514.06 crore in fiscal 2023-24, is expected to contribute significantly to this year’s target with a goal of Rs 530 crore. 

Target Letter by Railways

Scrap Generation in Railway Operations

Scrap generation is a routine aspect of railway operations, particularly in construction and gauge conversion projects. Materials classified as scrap include old rails, sleepers, fixtures, fastenings, fish plates, and various P-Way items that are no longer suitable for use on tracks. 

Indian Railways handles many other scrap materials, including condemned coaches, locomotives, wagons, ferrous scrap, bogies, bogie frames, couplers, metal turnings, miscellaneous metal residues, and sweepings. 

The sale also extends to used batteries and electrical components such as fans, tube light fittings, unserviceable compressors, and motor generators. 

Contributions to Revenue and Environmental Sustainability

Efforts in scrap sales contribute to the Railways’ revenue and support environmental sustainability by facilitating the recycling of a substantial amount of material.

Indian Railways continues to explore ways to enhance efficiency through various measures, including the strategic sale of scrap materials, aiding in clearing accumulated waste and contributing to the financial strengthening of railway infrastructure across India.

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