Indian Railways to modernize Bengaluru Cantonment

The new building will include a spacious concourse that won't be crowded. Integration of the city's two sides and other transportation systems such as buses and metro trains shall be done.

Bengaluru Cantonment / Representational Image
Bengaluru Cantonment / Representational Image
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BANGALORE (Metro Rail News): Indian Railways have planned to modernize the Bengaluru Cantonment. The amenities suggested in a proposed developed station are congested-free, conflict-free access and exit for train passengers.

The world-class stations Gandhinagar Capital (Gujarat) under the Western Railway, Rani Kamlapati Railway Station (Madhya Pradesh) under the West Central Railway and Sir M. Visvesvaraya Terminal (Bengaluru) under the South Western Railway all have been commissioned by Indian Railways.

The Indian Railways have now decided to revamp the Bengaluru Cantonment with modern features and the amenities suggested in a developed station include segregation of passenger arrival and departure and congestion-free, non-conflicting entry/exit to the station premises for railways passengers.

The new building will include a spacious concourse that won’t be crowded, integration of the city’s two sides and other transportation systems, such as bus, metro train, etc. shall be available whenever possible and with user-friendly international signage. The newly renovated Bengaluru Cantonment station will include a well-illuminated circulation area, enough space for drop-off and pick-up, parking, etc.

“Development of railway stations at this scale is first of its kind and complex in nature and requires detailed techno-economic feasibility studies and various statutory clearances from urban/local bodies etc,” said a top railway official of South Western Railway.

The Ministry of Railways has developed several development plans for railway stations, including the Model, Modern, and Adarsh Station Schemes for upgrading, modernizing, and expanding stations on the Indian Railways, including stations in numerous small and large towns.

A fresh plan for the railway station’s significant upgrade was recently launched. The amenities included in this plan include the reconstruction, improvement, and enlargement of the station building, congestion-free, non-conflicting entry and exit to the station premises, segregation of passenger arrival and departure, an adequate concourse without crowding, integration of both sides of the city whenever possible, user-friendly signage, a well-lit circulating area, and adequate provision for drop-off, pick-up, and parking, among other things, as well as all Divyangjan facilities. So far, this approach has identified 41 stations for major upgradation under this scheme.


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