Indian Railways to observe a month long Mega Safety Drive from 28th October

The drive is aimed at removing any gaps in maintenance of fixed assets, locomotives and rolling stock.

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NEW DELHI (Metro Rail News): Safety continues to be the foremost priority of Indian Railways and is accorded the greatest consideration. Ministry of Railways has directed Zonal Railways to launch a month-long safety drive from 28th October 2022 to remove any gaps in maintenance of fixed assets, locomotives and rolling stock and strengthen safety on Indian Railways.

During the drive, it will be ensured that extant procedures are being conformed and monitoring of Human Factors shall be done.

Railway Board has directed all Zonal Railways to ensure that officers in Headquarters and Divisions carry out a thorough inspection and ensure the correction of deficiencies found during inspections within the drive.

At least one Headquarter officer must be on inspection on each day during the drive in each Division. Also, each major section of each division must be under Night Foot Plate Inspection by an Officer. All sections of Divisions are to be inspected by DRMs/ADRMs. General health of fixed assets is to be examined.

Directives for this mega Safety Drive from Railway Board includes regular patrolling of all tracks and the same should be monitored on day to day basis, surprise checks at stations to ensure proper operational practices are being followed; no safety system is being bypassed. Also, Gate, Station and other operating staff shall be encouraged to be vigilant.


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