Indian Railways unveils the ‘made in India’ Tejas Express locomotives

The Tejas Express locomotives were unveiled in Asansol Railway station.

Tejas Express

Kolkata (Metro Rail News): Chittaranjan Locomotive Works (CLW), the electric locomotive manufacturing unit of Indian Railways, unveils the indigenously manufactured Tejas Express locomotives for push-pull operations on Friday.

Shri Praveen Kumar Mishra, General Manager flagged off the TEJAS EXPRESS locos from Asansol Railway station in presence of of CLW senior officers and staff

Shri Praveen Kumar Mishra, General Manager flagged off the TEJAS EXPRESS

First batch of Tejas Express locos for PUSH-PULL operations is aerodynamically designed to reduce air drags at higher speed for more energy efficiency and dynamically stable during high-speed operation.

These two WAP-5 (35012-35013) type electric locomotives are of 6000 HP capacity each and both are equipped with the latest IGBT-based propulsion system capable to run at 160kmph each.

These two electric locomotives will work in Push-Pull mode for operations in premium passenger trains.
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The driver desks have been ergonomically re-modified for improving the maneuvering skill of loco pilots

Composite converters are also provided in these locos to directly supply power to the coaches and pantry cars thus eliminating the need of separate diesel power generator cars.

CLW claimed the new electric locomotives are more energy-efficient and require less maintenance.

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