Jaipur Metro: Afcon Begins Underground Expansion of Phase 1C

Jaipur Metro Project Extends Pink Line by 3.41 km, Enhances Connectivity in City

Trench cutter machine in action for Jaipur metro's Pink line extension.
Trench cutter machine in action for Jaipur metro's Pink line extension.

JAIPUR (Metro Rail News): Afcons Infrastructure has commenced underground construction work on Package UG-03 of Jaipur Metro’s new Phase 1C. This phase will extend the existing 11.98 km Pink Line (Mansaravor—Badi Chaupar) eastward by 3.41 km to Transport Nagar.

The project includes a 2.65 km underground stretch with twin tunnels passing through the old city, featuring a new station at Ramganj Chaupar. Additionally, 0.76 km will be elevated, culminating in a new station at Transport Nagar. This development marks a significant expansion of the Jaipur Metro, enhancing connectivity in the city.

Jaipur metro UG work
Image Courtesy: Yash Chaturvedi

Over the weekend, Afcons deployed a trench cutter machine near Galta Gate to initiate trenching works for constructing the diaphragm wall (D-wall) for the tunnel boring machine (TBM) launch shaft. This crucial site on NH-248 will consist of a cut-and-cover tunnel, a TBM launch shaft, and a ramp leading to the elevated Transport Nagar Station.

Image Courtesy: Yash Chaturvedi

Contract and Scope

Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation (JMRC) awarded Afcons Infrastructure the Rs. 630.45 crore contract for Phase 1C in September 2023. The scope of Afcons’ work includes the construction of twin tunnels, the underground station at Ramganj Chaupar, a cut-and-cover tunnel box, and an underground ramp extending from Badi Chaupar Station (Ch: 10387.860) to the end of the ramp (Ch: 13040).

This expansion is expected to alleviate traffic congestion and provide a more efficient transit option for Jaipur’s residents and visitors. The project signifies a major development step in the city’s infrastructure, promising enhanced urban mobility and economic growth.

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