Jaipur Metro: JMRC announced the metro train fare structure


Jaipur: Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation announced the metro train fare structure which will have special discount for commuters subscribing to smart cards.

Jaipur Metro Rail Phase I is nearing completion and at the advanced stage to start its operation tentatively by March 31 from Mansarovar to Chandpole, a distance of about 9.2 km.

JMRC CMD Nihal Chand Goel announced that the revenue operation of the Jaipur Metro will commence on or before March 31 this year, for which the board decided the fare matrix today.

Mr Goel informed that the fare structure has been kept between minimum Rs. 5 and maximum Rs. 20 and it will vary from peak hour, non-peak hour to number of stations travelled.

The peak/non-peak hours shall be decided by the management of JMRC in the next six months, based on the pattern of actual ridership data and other relevant factors.

He said that for the first six months of operation, the trains will run at non-peak hour rates throughout the business day.

He said the smart card (for daily commuters) users will be given discount, that is – 10 per cent on ticket of Rs. 10 or more but less than Rs. 20 and 15 per cent on ticket of Rs. 20 or more.

Mr Goel said that the revenue operation of the Metro rail will cover 9 stations – Mansarovar, New Aatish Market, Vivek Vihar, Shyam Nagar, Ram Nagar, Civil Lines, Railway Station, Sindhi Camp and Chandpole.

The fare range would be Rs. 5, Rs. 10, Rs. 15 and Rs. 20, depending upon the number of stations.

The officer claimed that the fares were lowest as compared to other mode of transport like buses and auto-rickshaws.

“We have kept the fare lowest and giving discounts on smart cards to attract more and more commuters,” he said.

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