Kanpur Metro Expansion Milestone: Upline Track Completion Boosts Connectivity

Completion of the upline track construction from Nayaganj to Chunniganj marks a crucial phase in the Kanpur Metro Rail Project's development, promising enhanced urban connectivity in Uttar Pradesh's bustling urban center


KANPUR (Metro Rail News): The Kanpur Metro Rail Project has achieved a significant milestone with the completion of the upline track construction from Nayaganj to Chunniganj. This development marks a crucial phase in the tunnel section of Corridor-1 (Orange Line), which stretches between IIT Kanpur and Naubasta.

The recently finished upline track spans a 3 km tunnel starting at the under-construction Nayaganj underground station and ending at Chunniganj underground station.

Kanpur Metro Coach

Current Work and Next Steps

Construction efforts have now shifted towards the section from Chunniganj station to the ramp at McRobertganj. The completion of this segment will finalize the track layout from IIT to Nayaganj on the upline.

Meanwhile, the downline track from Nayaganj station to Bada Chauraha station has also been completed, doubling this metro line’s potential throughput.

Work is not limited to Corridor-1. Construction activities have also begun in the Rawatpur-Double Puliya underground section of Corridor-2. Moreover, the task of laying and welding rails continues towards the tunnel’s end at McRobertganj. Additionally, track slab casting has commenced in this section, indicating steady progress towards the project’s completion.

Kanpur Metro Overview

Corridor 1 of the Kanpur Metro is the Orange Line, spanning 23.8 km with seven underground and 14 elevated stations. This corridor starts at IIT Kanpur and extends to Naubasta. It is expected to be operational by November 2024, catering to over 1.5 lakh commuters daily.

On the other hand, Corridor 2 is the Blue Line, covering 8.9 km with 8 stations from Agriculture University to Barra. It is anticipated to be completed by December 2025.

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