Kanpur Metro: First I-girder placed near IIT-K station

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KANPUR (Metro Rail News): Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation (UPMRC) has erected the first ‘I-girder’ near IIT-Kanpur Metro station and the erection of four I-girders has been accomplished between Pillars no 9 and 10 near IIT-K station.‘I-girder’ is an arrangement used in place of U-girder on the elevated corridor for creating scope for track crossing or platform switching for Metro trains.

“Total of 178 I-girders will be placed on the 9km long elevated Primary Section. Terminal Metro stations – IIT-K and Motijheel and the Polytechnic Metro Depot are the three designated spots where I-girders are to be placed. Approximately 27 meters long I-girders will be placed at the three designated spots”, the UPMRC said in a statement.

The width of one I-girder is about one meter while the weight would be around 58 tons.
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‘I-girder’ is used instead of ‘U-girder for the arrangement of cross-over or track change on the elevated corridor. Two U-girders can be placed above the Pier Cap between two piers or pillars while at the same space, there is an arrangement for the placement of four ‘I-girders’. There is no wall or boundary between I-girders and because of this competence, the train can easily move from one track to another.

The ‘I-girder,’ shaped like the alphabet ‘I’ are also pre-cast and placed with the help of cranes on the corridor after which slabs are prepared on them while the U-girders are complete structures along with base and sidewalls. The parapet of ‘I-girder’ is prepared in the casting yard separately and then placed to side edges.

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