Kanpur Metro’s Voter Awareness Journey Educates and Inspires Commuters 

Educators Transform Metro Ride into Classroom, Empowering First-Time Voters Ahead of Lok Sabha Elections

Educators with banner at Gurudev Chauraha Metro to Educate First-Time Voters
Educators with banner at Gurudev Chauraha Metro to Educate First-Time Voters

KANPUR (Metro Rail News): Kanpur Metro hosted a special journey on Saturday to boost voter awareness ahead of the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. The event, conducted in collaboration with a local private school, saw educators take the lead in motivating citizens to exercise their electoral rights.

Starting from the Gurudev Chauraha metro station, a group of enthusiastic teachers boarded the metro, turning the ride into a dynamic classroom. Their audience, primarily first-time voters and daily commuters received valuable lessons on the importance of each vote. “Our vote is our true voice in democracy,” echoed through the carriages, a powerful reminder delivered by the teachers.

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As the metro rolled towards Motijheel station, the teachers used the journey to educate and inspire. They wrote motivational messages and slogans like ‘Vote is our duty, Vote is our responsibility,’ and ‘Vote for India’ on a message board specially installed at the station for this campaign. These messages served as a visual prompt for the commuters, emphasising the weight of their choices and the impact they can have on the nation’s future.


In addition to voter education, the educators took a moment to engage with another aspect of culture and learning at the Bookflix book fair organized at Motijheel station. The fair provided a refreshing break and a chance to indulge in literary exploration, further enhancing the day’s educational theme.

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The initiative was widely appreciated by participants and commuters alike, who commended Kanpur Metro for its dual focus on providing a reliable public transportation service and fostering a sense of civic duty among its riders.

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