Kochi Metro | KMRL to open technical bids for Kochi Water Metro Rail Project today

Kochi Water Metro Project
Kochi Water Metro Project

Kochi: The Kochi Water Metro project will gain momentum as Kochi Metro Rail Ltd (KMRL) opens technical offers to carry out topographic surveys in areas identified for 19 terminals on Thursday. The survey will provide detailed information on the terrain and surface characteristics of the identified area for the development of piers and other related infrastructures.

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KMRL will examine 26.39 acres and prepare plans. “We have identified the area required for the building terminals, but we have not presented the details of the land that needs to be acquired to build docks and other infrastructure.” Before starting the land acquisition, KMRL will hold public hearings, consult panchayats and other agencies, “said the KMRL spokesman.

The agency had identified 0.32 acres in Bolgatty, 2.9 acres in Ernakulam, 0.38 acres in Eroor, 0.85 acres in Fort Kochi, 3.69 acres in High Court, 2.36 acres in Kakkanad, 0.3 acres in Korankotta, 0.29 acres in Kumbalam, 1.54 acres in Mattancherry , 0.31 acres in Mulavukad hospital, 0.34 acres in Mulavukad panchayat, 0.18 acres in Mulavukad North, 0.39 acres in Nettoor, 0.48 acres in Ponnarimangalam, 0.85 acres in South Chittoor, 0.18 acres in Thanthonni Thuruth, 5.
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64 acres in Thevara, 0.39 acres in Vypeen and 5 acres in Vyttila.

After evaluating the technical and financial offers, the metro agency will issue the contracts. Once the survey is done, KMRL will prepare designs and invite bidders to build docks. The agency wants to launch the project, which will be implemented with German financial cooperation, on April 14, 2019.

“Time is of the essence and surveys must be completed within a period of eight weeks from the date of issuance of the work order, work must be executed on time,” KMRL said.

He specified that the agency that performs the topographic survey must begin to mobilize men and machinery within seven days of the date of the letter of intent (LOI). The survey, including jungle cleanup, must be completed within four weeks, the draft report and all draws must be ready within six weeks and the Metro agency will review and give their opinion within seven weeks to the issuance of the LOI. KMRL also added that the final report will be submitted within eight weeks after the issuance of the LOI. The report will be accepted within two weeks after its submission.

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