Kochi Water Metro Ltd (KWML) Set to Launch Ferry Service to Fort Kochi

New Route Expected to Enhance Connectivity and Boost Tourism in Historic Area


KOCHI (Metro Rail News): Kochi Water Metro Ltd (KWML) is all set to inaugurate its ferry service to Fort Kochi this Sunday, coinciding with the one-year anniversary of its operations. This eagerly anticipated launch follows the successful completion of trials for the new ferry, provided by Cochin Shipyard Limited (CSL), along with the readiness of the terminal’s construction and ticketing system.

Ferry Service to Fort Kochi

Kochi Water Metro Map

The new service aims to facilitate smoother connections between West Kochi and the city center, potentially easing traffic congestion on the Ernakulam-West Kochi route. Designed with a focus on the cultural significance of the heritage-rich area, the Fort Kochi Water Metro Terminal boasts several unique features. Notably, the pontoons at the terminal are adapted to its proximity to the sea and shipping channel, using six one-meter diameter piles for enhanced stability, compared to the typical two-pile setup at other terminals.

This route is not only a boon for daily commuters but also enhances the accessibility for the influx of both domestic and international tourists to Fort Kochi, known for its picturesque Chinese fishing nets and colonial architecture. Multilingual signage in Malayalam, Hindi, English, Spanish, German, and French caters to the diverse visitor demographics, ensuring a welcoming experience for all.

The launch of the KWML ferry service to Fort Kochi is set to transform local and tourist travel dynamics in the region. By providing a direct, scenic route to one of Kerala’s premier historical sites, KWML supports the city’s broader goals of boosting tourism and reducing urban traffic, marking a significant step forward in Kochi’s transportation infrastructure.


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