Kolkata Metro Completes Cross-Passage Beneath Subodh Mullick Square

Kolkata Metro Achieves Crucial Step in East-West Metro Project at Subodh Mullick Square, Ensuring Structural Integrity and Progress Towards Finalisation


KOLKATA (Metro Rail News): The Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation (KMRC) has achieved a significant milestone in the completion of the East-West Metro project. The successful construction of the last cross-passage beneath Subodh Mullick Square marks a crucial step in connecting Kolkata and Howrah.

Remarkably, the achievement was made without any ground settlement or structural damage to nearby buildings. Despite the evacuation of an eight-storey building (situated diagonally opposite Hind Inox on Ganesh Chandra Avenu) as a precautionary measure, the construction proceeded smoothly, showcasing the precision and expertise of KMRC engineers.

Targeted Completion Timeline

Officials express confidence in completing the entire cross-passage work before the end of May. This progress will significantly advance the Esplanade-Sealdah section of the metro project, bringing it closer to its finalisation and operational readiness.

Evacuation and Safety Measures

The evacuation of the building near Subodh Mullick Square underscores KMRC’s commitment to safety during construction. Precautionary measures were taken due to observed water seepage during micro-tunnelling work. However, occupants are expected to return soon, ensuring minimal disruption.

Cross-passages are critical elements of underground metro systems, providing emergency tunnels for passenger safety. The completion of this infrastructure enhances the East-West Metro line’s overall resilience and safety features.

The Kolkata East-West Metro project is a groundbreaking initiative in India’s rapid transit landscape. With its unique underground corridor beneath the Hooghly River, the project has overcome significant engineering challenges to connect Kolkata and Howrah, ultimately transforming commuting in the region.

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