Kolkata Metro to Get 85 New Advanced Rakes by 2026

Ministry of Railways sanctions Rs. 6000 crore for 85 state-of-art metro rakes.

Futuristic rake design envisaged for Kolkata metro
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KOLKATA (Metro Rail News): Kolkata Metro, the country’s oldest metro system, is expanding its network to connect the city with its suburbs. A significant development is the upcoming metro line running beneath the Hooghly River, linking Kolkata and Howrah. Alongside expanding its reach, Kolkata Metro is enhancing the travel experience for commuters with innovative measures.

As part of this initiative, a futuristic train design is in the works, promising a visually appealing and comfortable journey. These new air-conditioned trains will be manufactured at the Integral Coach Factory in Chennai. Drawing inspiration from Bengal’s bridal and terracotta art, these trains will feature a unique nose cone design. Each coach will highlight local arts and crafts and provide USB charging ports on both sides. A standout feature will be the provision of standing seats in limited space, allowing airport-bound commuters to stow their luggage beneath these seats, enhancing comfort.

Safety measures include anti-skid flooring, fire extinguishers, unique grab handles, handle loops, Talk to Driver Units for emergency communication with the motorman, and CCTV cameras for real-time monitoring. Improved roof grab handles aim to discourage standing in vestibules during peak hours. Digital display boards will display infotainment content, and cove lighting will create a warm ambiance inside the coaches. Robust guardrails and grab poles will be strategically placed for convenience.

These futuristic rakes are expected to join the Metro’s fleet around 2026, with a plan to introduce 85 new trains gradually. This expansion will increase the existing fleet of 46 trains (32 Broad Gauge and 14 Standard Gauge) to 131 trains (114 Broad Gauge and 17 Standard Gauge) to accommodate current and future corridors. The procurement cost of these trains, estimated at Rs. 6000 crores, has already been sanctioned by the Ministry of Railways.

Kausik Mitra, CPRO of Metro Railway, envisions that once these innovative trains are commissioned by 2026, Kolkata Metro will offer an unparalleled travel experience, making it the preferred mode of transport for passengers.


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