LED screens to display route info on metro trains soon in Chennai

The dynamic display has lights blinking next to each station name as the train approaches that station.

Chennai Metro
Chennai Metro/ Representational Image

CHENNAI (Metro Rail News): For guiding passengers to their destination, LED screens would be installed in metro trains, displaying information about approaching stations landmarks around it and feeder services would be available. Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) is set to conduct a trial with prototypes of these screens.

These audio-visual screens have been customised to fit and will be linked to signalling and the communication system, said by metro rail official. The screen will be only 70% of the size of the present displays and will be replaced by the dynamic route map that displays blinking lights now installed above the train doors.

Next month, trials will be conducted as prototypes are ready and are being installed. After regular service hours every night, one train will be operated

across the entire phase-1 stretch. Once the trails are made, the train will be operated during the service hours and monitored. Once approved, the software will be given to us. According to officials, it will take two to three months.

The current route map installed above the train doors has the dynamic and the static route. The dynamic display has lights blinking next to each station name as the train approaches that station.

The route-related information in CRML two-corridor phase-1 and phase-1 extension lines and inter-corridor operations between corridor-1 and corridor-2 will have automatic visual and audio broadcasting on the screen, an official stated.

A route map for 10 seconds will be displayed on the screen, followed by the nearby stations. The approaching station, amenities, feeder services and intermodal services available at the station, and the landmark around the station, including a symbol to indicate the opening and closing of train doors, will also be displayed on the screen. There will be 16 display screens on a train with four screens in a coach.

The officials said that “a limitation would be there as only a maximum of two minutes available for train to be operated from one station to another. However, within that time limit, information should be displayed, and commuters can expect more information than what they have now in the train”.


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