Light Metro | Karnataka Govt. cabinet approves Light Rail System

Bangalore: The cabinet on Thursday approved the 42-km Light Rail Transit System (LRTS) project proposed by the urban development department to ease the traffic woes of Bengaluru.


The LRTS project was mooted in 2007 to supplement Bengaluru’s bus transport system and act as a feeder network for the Metro rail. However, it did not take off due to lack of political will and bureaucratic complacency. As a result, the cost of the project shot up from Rs 5,600 crore, when it was first conceived, to Rs 11,000 crore now.
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“Funding has been a major constraint. The cabinet has directed the urban development department to work out the modalities to mobilize financial resources for setting up a reserve fund to execute the project,” law minister TB Jayachandra said.


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