Lucknow Metro conducts Emergency Exit Mock Drill

The mock drill was conducted between Transport Nagar Metro Station to Hazratganj metro station to assess the UPMRC preparedness for safety of commuters.

Lucknow Metro conducted a special mock drill with Metro Train
Lucknow Metro conducted a special mock drill with Metro Train

Lucknow (Metro Rail News): Lucknow Metro conducted a special mock drill with Metro Train from Transport Nagar Metro Station to Hazaratganj Metro today to assess its preparedness for checking passenger’s safety in case of such emergency /exigent situations in Metro. Different scenarios were recreated in real-time to depict the scene of an emergency exit incident, monitor the casualties and mitigation efforts to be adopted to avert and control such types of major rescue situations.

All the concerned Metro staff deployed for smooth conduct of the drill included senior officer, staff from operations department, on duty Station Controller, CRA (Customer Relations Assistant), CFAs (Customer Facilitation Assistants), and the security personnel who extended their support in the drill. The mock drill commenced with maintining social distancing and all the necessary safety measures were adhered to and complied with during the implementation of this mock drill/exercise.

UPMRC conducts such types of special mock drills regularly in close coordination with the Operations department in order to increase awareness in the system about passenger safety, security and to adopt disaster management measures at times of both unforeseen natural and manmade calamities. As a role model of the safest and most secure mode of Mass Rapid Urban Transportation, Lucknow Metro performs and organizes such drills for its new employees to give them real-time exposure of emergency situation related to passenger evacuation and making alternate ticketing arrangements for public without obstructing their movement at the time of crisis.

Through such exercises, UPMRC is spreading the message “Passenger Safety- UPMRC’s Utmost Priority” thereby motivating the commuters to use Metro for commutation and daily travel to their workplace and likewise. Uttar Pradesh Metro always looks forward to create a sense of belonging with Lucknowites by providing them the safest mode of public transport and world-class facilities like clean and green alternate means of urban transportation at the same time.


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