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Lucknow: The Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation (LMRC) is equipped with most modern train protection system which ensures non collision of trains. A minimum distance between two trains is maintained through train protection system. The moment this minimum distance is crossed in the train the automatically brakes are applied.

The modern state of art, Light weight stainless steel LMRC trains run on 1435 mm Standard gauge and will carry 1574 passengers. The coach has a width of 2.9m. It is expected to reduce the journey time between 50% to 75% depending on the road conditions.

LMRC Trains are designed to run at the maximum speed of 90Kmph and at an operational speed of 80Kmph . The average speed will be approximately 33 to 34 Kmph.

LMRC Train will have the most advance signalling and train control system- called the communication based train control system which can be upgraded to virtually driverless mode. The train has regenerative braking which saves 30% to 35% of traction energy.

Talkback systems are provided for emergency communication between the passengers and the driver in each coach. The announcement in the train are in Hindi & English. Whereas the display will be shown in English, Hindi & Urdu. There are also route maps and LCD display systems in every coach.


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