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Maharashtra Government Clears Broad Gauge Metro Project

Maha Metro
Maha Metro
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BG Metro: First Such Service Gets State Cabinet Nod

NAGPUR (Metro Rail News): The Maharashtra Cabinet on Friday cleared the Broad Gauge (BG) Metro proposal of Maha Metro. The ₹ 333.60 Crore project aims at providing high-speed connectivity to satellite towns around Nagpur – Narkhed, Wardha, Bhandara and Ramtek. With the state cabinet clearing the proposal, it would now be sent to Central Government for its approval. Once implemented, Metro coaches would run on Indian Railways’ track.
One of the most ambitious projects proposed by Maha Metro, which would change the transportation pattern in Nagpur and surroundings, the proposal aims at utilising the existing infrastructure of Indian Railways by providing air-conditioned, faster, reliable and comfortable services between Nagpur and the four satellite towns mentioned above. This is the first-ever such service to be introduced in the country.
High-Quality Service: This would also act as feeder service to Nagpur Metro, thereby reducing dependency on private vehicles and transportation services. Simultaneously this would reduce existing traffic congestion on the roads, subsequently accidents and pollution. The total distance covered by the project, involving all the four routes, is 265 km.
MoU Signing in July 2018: It may be recalled that the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Indian Railways, Government of Maharashtra and Maha Metro was held on 16th July 2018. The then Chief Minister of Maharashtra Mr Devendra Fadanvis, Union Ministers Mr Nitin Gadkari and Mr Piyush Goyal was present during the MoU signing ceremony.
The journey to Wardha, for example, requires 2.25 hours’ time from Nagpur. As compared to this the proposed service would require just 1.10 hours’ time. Thus, the introduction of new service would not only save time but also add to the comfort levels of the commuters and prevent any accident, especially in respect of those who prefer to travel by road.
Train Speed to be 120 KMPH: The Maha Metro trains would cruise at a speed of 120 KMPH. Most modern coaches with all the comforts would provide transportation to the commuters between the four locations. Initially, four trains would be put to service to connect the four locations. The number would be gradually and subsequently increased to eight after a certain period of time.
KFW Ready to Finance Project: The BG Metro facility would act as Feeder Service to Nagpur Metro services and would help in increasing its present ridership. The international funding agency – KfW – which has funded Maha Metro’s Phase I project, has agreed to finance BG Metro project to the tune of ₹ 305.20 crores of the total project cost of ₹ 333.60 Crore.
Of the balance, the Maharashtra Government would also provide 50 % of the Strategic Debt (SD) of the Government of India (₹ 7.10 crore) and 100 % (₹ 14.20 crore) of SD incurred by the state government. Thus collectively, an amount of ₹ 21.30 crore would be sanctioned by the state government. Rest will be borne by the Central Government.
The service once introduced would change the way people travel around Nagpur. This would also revolutionise the transportation concept in not just Nagpur, but across the country as a pioneering project.

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