Metro Rail gets parameters from the center for ‘Make in India Initiative’

Mumbai Metro Rail
Mumbai Metro Rail

New Delhi: In order to strengthen Metro Rail Systems contribution to ‘Make in India initiative’, the central government has issued parameters to follow. This is to achieve uniformity and fostering standardised procurement and indigenisation.

The central government has given a list of ‘mandatory parameters’ to be followed for electrical components. These comprise of components used in metro rail systems like – tunnel ventilation, lifts, environmental control system, traction system, escalators, power systems to other electrical components. This will also be for the electrical and mechanical system (underground and elevated). The primary purpose is to accomplish indigenisation and standardisation in procurement.

The intention is to attain consistency among technical specification of electrical items used by different metro rail systems.

As per the officials from the Housing and Urban Affairs ministry stated that if state government request financial assistance from the center, these parameters have to be followed. This will be for funded sought for executing metro rail projects in their state.

Post this announcement, all state governments looking for financial assistance from the center will have to follow the parameters. Following them will be mandatory if the state government wants to execute metro rail projects in their respective states.

The central government officials asserted that these specifications have been issued as part of ‘Make in India initiative.

The parameters also state:

  • As per the parameters laid down by the ministry, a variety of lights depending on the site of installation should be installed at underground metro stations. As per the directives, these lights have to be LED or its variant ensuring energy efficiency.
  • Distribution of the Lighting shall be such that up to 50 percent of the lighting is fed by UPS System with a back-up of not less than 30 mins in case of power supply failure.
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  • For lifts in the metro rail system, the parameter states that at least 13 passengers (1000 Kg) capacity should be favored
  • The procurement shall be governed by making sure that minimum 50 percent local content in compliance with public procurement (Preference to Make in India).

The notification by the government also said that environment control system (ECS) constitutes the air-conditioning system. This includes the station smoke management and ventilation system ensuring fresh air supply for the physiological needs of passengers as well as authority staff under standardised specifications.


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