Metro trains can operate at two-min intervals

MahaMetro is installing the latest technology so that trains can depart from every station at the two-minute interval.

Metro trains can operate at two-min intervals
Nagpur Metro to start operations today.

NAGPUR (Metro Rail News): MahaMetro is installing the latest technology so that trains can depart from every station at the two-minute interval. This will, however, happen years later, when the high ridership demands such a high frequency of trains.

MahaMetro managing director Brijesh Dixit while addressing a press conference on Monday said they were using communication-based train control (CBTC), automatic train operation (ATO), and automatic train protection (ATP) technologies, which were the latest in the world.

Dixit said, normally our trains will operate on a driverless enabled system. The drivers will only be there for emergency purposes. If the driver wants, he can take control of his hands. In that case, the ATP system will ensure that he operates the train properly.

The MD further said that CBTC, ATO and ATP systems would become fully operational by August-end. “We will get the approval of Commissioner of Metro Rail Safety (CMRS) for this purpose,” he added.

Explaining the difference between Indian Railways and Nagpur Metro, he said the former used a fixed block system while the latter was using moving block system. “If you use a fixed block system, the interval between two trains is minimum 10 to 15 minutes.

In the moving block system, the interval can be as less as two minutes,” he added. In CBTC, the train communicates with equipment installed along the track and the main control room. “There are three components — train antennae, wayside antennae, and the main control room.

A software operates the trains due to which it moves at a predetermined speed and halts at the designated spot on the station platforms,” said Dixit.

CBTC is used only in a few Metros, including Hyderabad and Kochi. Delhi Metro has now started using it gradually on different lines. Nagpur Metro had decided to use CBTC right from inception. Currently, however, the trial of the technology is going on and trains are being operated manually. There is no chance of people getting stuck in the doors of Nagpur Metro. “Even if there is a 5-centimeter gap between the two doors they will open and close again. This will happen three times and if the obstruction does not get removed, the doors will not close again and the train will not move,” said Dixit.
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Director (rolling stock) Sunil Mathur gave a presentation on CBTC system along with engineers from Siemens, which has supplied the technology.


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