MMRDA Begins Dynamic Testing of Mumbai Metro Line 2 Prototype Train at Charkop Depot

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MUMBAI (Metro Rail News): Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) Metropolitan Commissioner Shri. R.A.Rajeev flagged off the Dynamic Testing of the Prototype Metro Train at Charkop Depot on Feb 25, 2021. This a step before starting the trial run process. the DMRC and BEML teams were also present. this train is a true Atmanirbhar Product

The first Driverless Metro Train developed in India by BEML was taken to test track for the dynamic test by the BEML team in Mumbai. BEML bags the ‘MRS1’ Contract for the supply of 96 trains and supplied the first Metro train under this contract. The prototype of Train Set-1 was received at Charkop depot on Jan 28, 2021, and Maharastra CM Uddhav Thackeray unveiled it on Jan 29 Jan 2021.

Once the train set arrived at Charkop, Depo, BEML engineers check with 6 car trains separately divided into two units of 3 cars each being prepared for energization & limited movement using only hard-wired commands.

Concerning that, the train High Voltage traction supply systems including Pantograph Controls, propulsion equipment & brake systems have been tested in parTrain was energized with 25 KV on Feb 09, 2021, & first self – powered movement did perform on Feb 16 & 17, 2021 using one unit at a time.

With combined 6- Car train formation dynamic low-speed testing over the test track (520 meters) in Charkop depot was performed on 25.02.2021.

The functionality of various subsystems such as Vehicle Control Circuit, TCMS Controls & Interfaces with different subsystems, shore supply, High Voltage, Propulsion fine-tuning with Brake system, Auxiliary Power Supply, Brakes & Pneumatics, Door System, Air Conditioning, Lighting, Passenger Announcement & Passenger Information System (PA-PIS) etc. to be tried to verify each subsystem individually & with integrated train testing within the depot.

The above exercises may take one month & once connectivity to the mainline is performed; train field trials will also start.

With the arrival of the second train set in March combined integrated testing of the train with Signaling will start in parallel.

MMRDA expects to complete trial runs in the next 4-5 months, after which it will ready to start the commercial run in the service of Mumbaikars.


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