Mukesh Kumar Singhal first non-IAS gets charge of MD of JMRC

First, a non-IAS person, Mukesh Kumar Singhal was given the charge of managing director of Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation (JMRC) on Thursday.

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Jaipur Metro
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JAIPUR (Metro rail News): First a non-IAS person, Mukesh Kumar Singhal was given the charge of Managing director Of Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation (JMRC) on Thursday. Mukesh Kumar Singhal, an engineer, who was transferred from Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), has been working on deputation in the JMRC for the last one year. Appointing an engineer or a technical person to the top position of the metro work has always been a trend in DMRC.

According to the Sources, This week that the post of managing director of Jaipur Metro rail Corporation (JMRC) is vacant, which has been affecting the efficiency of the metro. As per sources, no official was willing to fill the post of managing director. The reason for this was that JMRC did not seem to be a priority for the government after it became a loss-making entity. This has resulted in the delay of the phase IB project as well.

A new appointment is yet to be made and the charge has been given to Singhal so that the clearing of routine work orders won’t be an issue for now. However, officials in the department are not hopeful for any big changes through this decision.

Giving a charge to someone is temporary and an appointment should be made soon. The government can transfer him any time they want. The JMRC has to pay Rs 20 crore to the contractors. However, it does not have money in its account. Metro Officials Said, A speedy correspondence is required with the state government, for which a permanent appointee is required who could oversee the daily progress.

The metro is proving to be a white elephant for the state government as it failed to achieve target ridership on Phase-I Mansarovar-Chandpole in absence of Phase 1B Chandpole-Badi Chaupar corridor.
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Wilbur Smith, an international firm, which conducted the ridership survey, estimates 1,21,000 commuters till 2018 on the entire stretch.

However, as Phase I B continues to miss several deadlines and the commercial operation has not started yet, the financial situation of the corporation remains bleak.


  1. Give a dog a bad name and hang it. Just because of poor execution, the system cann it be discredited. The same thing happened to the monorail project in Mumbai. The line was not completed in time due to delays in land acquisition and in approval by IR to build over their tracks at 2 locations.


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