Mumbai Metro Line 3 to Launch in Phases, Initial Operations Expected by June-July

Initial trial runs set till Dadar station; Phase 1 to connect Aarey to BKC by mid-2024

Mumbai metro line 3 (Representational image)
Mumbai metro line 3 (Representational image)

MUMBAI (Metro Rail News): Mumbai’s much-anticipated Line 3 is about to enter its operational stage. The initial plan is to operate the train up to Dadar station to set the stage for trial runs. This initial operation is crucial for collecting important data before starting the official trial runs, which are planned to extend till Acharya Atre Chowk in Worli.

Essential infrastructure tasks, including overhead electrification (OHE) and track installation, have been finalised up to Dadar station. “While not a trial run in itself, this step is crucial for the project’s progress,” said a Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (MMRCL) senior official.

Phased Implementation and Timeline

The Metro Line 3 project is structured to roll out in three phases:

– Phase 1 (Aarey to BKC): This vital stretch includes strategic stops such as the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport and major business districts. It aims to drastically reduce travel times and offer a reliable alternative to the city’s congested roadways. Originally scheduled to open by April 2024, Phase 1 of Metro Line 3 is anticipated to become operational by June-July, following several missed deadlines.

– Phase 2 (BKC to Worli): Following the operation of Phase 1, Phase 2 will connect BKC to Worli, including stops at cultural and residential areas. This phase was initially targeted to launch shortly after the completion of Phase 1 but may face delays depending on the completion and operational success of the earlier phase.

– Phase 3 (Worli to Cuffe Parade): The final phase aims to complete the southern extension of the metro line, linking it with southern Mumbai. This phase was scheduled for completion shortly after Phase 2, aiming for a seamless expansion of the network.

Operational Capacity and Commuter Benefits

Upon completion, Metro Line 3 will serve about 17 lakh passengers daily, with trains every three to four minutes during peak times. Each train can accommodate approximately 2,500 passengers, enhancing the system’s capacity to manage large volumes of commuter traffic efficiently.

Metro Line 3 will connect major business and employment centres and link over 30 educational institutions, 13 hospitals, and several recreational and religious places. It will also integrate with other Mumbai Metro lines, the Monorail, Suburban Rail, and ST Bus Services, aiming to reduce congestion on suburban railways by up to 15%.

Progress Already Achieved

The Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation Limited (MMRCL) has begun integrated trial runs for the underground Metro Line-3. Final approval from the Commissioner of Metro Railway Safety is pending, which is the last regulatory hurdle before the service can begin.

The phased rollout of Mumbai’s Metro Line 3 is keenly awaited by the city’s residents and commuters. Once operational, it promises to significantly cut down travel times and improve the overall quality of urban transportation in Mumbai, marking a major stride forward in the city’s infrastructure development.

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