Mumbai Metro: Rubal Agarwal Appointed as MD of MMMOCL

Agarwal's Leadership Marks New Chapter in Mumbai Metro Development

IAS officer Rubal Agarwal taking charge as MD of Maha Mumbai Metro.
IAS officer Rubal Agarwal taking charge as MD of Maha Mumbai Metro.

MUMBAI (Metro Rail News): The Maha Mumbai Metro Operation Corporation Ltd. (MMMOCL) announced in a tweet that the Hon’ble Mrs. Rubal Prakhar Agarwal, IAS, will be the new Managing Director on April 8. Previously, the senior bureaucrat Rubal Agarwal served as the Additional Municipal Commissioner in the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) from January 1, 2019. During her tenure at PMC, Agarwal played a crucial role in various initiatives, notably in managing the COVID-19 crisis in Pune, garnering acclaim for her efforts.

Responsibilities as MD

As the Managing Director of MCL, Mrs Agarwal will oversee the operation and maintenance (O&M) of all metro lines within the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Her leadership is expected to steer MMMOCL through its ongoing expansion efforts and infrastructure projects, ensuring efficient and reliable metro services for passengers.

MMMOCL’s Expectations from the New MD

Agarwal’s appointment comes at a crucial phase for MMMOCL, which is working hard to enhance its services and infrastructure to meet the growing demands of Mumbai’s population. Under her leadership, the corporation is assured and aims to achieve new heights in its mission to provide sustainable and accessible transportation solutions for the city.

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