Nagpur Metro | NMRC along with others help to complete development work in the city

Nagpur metro

Nagpur: The Nagpur Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC) along with completing metro rail project will also be assisting in completing development work in Nagpur. This comes after Union Minister Nitin Gadkari asking metro officials to assist in completing development works pending in the city.

Gadkari was present at the review meeting organized to oversee the status of development work in the city. He was presiding the meeting and Brajesh Dixit, the Managing Director of Maha Metro was also present.

Dixit has assured Gadkari that they will complete all the development projects within a set timeframe.

This step was taken after a review was conducted of various development works going on in the city. During the review it emerged that owing to shortage of funds with the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC), several projects are pending.

In order to fasten up development work, Gadkari has asked Metro Corporation to shoulder some responsibilities.

One of the first projects that will be taken up is developing the Orange City Street. It was proposed that in South-West Nagpur, famous London Street would be constructed. This project has not started off and is pending for a long time. As per the directives from Union Minister now NMRC will wrap up the project along with metro rail project.

Besides this, NMRC will also take up construction of Netaji Market. They will also be demolishing the existing flyover in front of Nagpur Railway Station to broaden up the road.

In the review meeting, Gadkari stressed the fact that Orange City Street was a significant project. As per the plan, both NMC and District Collector will formulate policy with regards to the sale of residential and commercial space on the street.

The union minister has asked the authorities to speed up policy formulation. He has also directed them to approach professional to assist in selling spaces. Gadkari has also asked that the price of sale be lower than market rates.

At the Orange City Street, a metro mall will be constructed close to Jaiprakash Nagar Metro Station.

Metro Rail happy to aid in city development:

Dixit during the meeting sharing the development plans of Santra Market, Gol Bazaar, and Cotton Market. The development work will be taken by Maha Metro.

MD of Maha Metro shared that 1,500 people from the 25 acres of land of the three markets will have to be rehabilitated at some stage in the metro development.

Dixit also said that MRC was very pleased to shoulder the responsibility of other development works in the city.  He also shared that the idea is to create a very unique infrastructure in the city. He also assured that the quality of work will be akin to Metro Rail standards.


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