‘Nana’ TBM Of the Kanpur Metro From Macrobertganj Completes Initial Drive

The Nana TBM has been tasked with constructing a 414 meter tunnel.

'Nana' TBM Of the Kanpur Metro From Macrobertganj Completes Initial Drive
'Nana' TBM Of the Kanpur Metro From Macrobertganj Completes Initial Drive

KANPUR (Metro Rail News): The ‘Nana’ Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM), which is constructing around a 414-meter tunnel on the ‘up-line’ from MacRobertganj towards the under-construction Chunniganj station, completed its Initial Drive on 10th January, 2024, Wednesday. 

Competes Initial Drive 

After constructing around 85-meter-long tunnel, this machine has been stopped and the process of connecting it to the Backup System Unit has been commenced.

Control Room 

The Backup System Unit can also be called the control room of the TBM machine, where all the auxiliary systems of the machine are present. During the Initial Drive, the Backup System Unit of the machine was still functioning from outside the shaft but now it will be lowered into the launching shaft and connected to the shield of the TBM machine.

Main Drive 

After connecting the Backup System Unit, the Main Drive of the TBM machine will start and the process of excavation of the tunnel will be done through the loco pilot. Motorized trolleys will be used to deliver ring-segments and evacuation of soil after mining in the Main Drive.

Tatya TBM 

It may be noted that under the Chunniganj-Nayaganj underground section, the ‘Tatya’ TBM machine is also doing tunnel construction work on the ‘down line’ from McRobertganj towards the under-construction Chunniganj station. Approx. 3 KM Tunnel construction work has already been completed in the said section between Chunniganj and Nayaganj station. 

Other TBMs 

Apart from this, ‘Azad’ and ‘Vidyarthi’ TBM machines are also doing tunnel construction work on a stretch of about 1250 meters between Kanpur Central to Nayaganj under the Kanpur Central – Transport Nagar underground section.

Current Status 

Currently, Kanpur Metro commercial services are operational on a 9 km long Priority Corridor (IIT-Motijheel), under approximately 23.78 km long Corridor-1 (IIT-Naubasta). Apart from the Chunniganj-Nayaganj and Kanpur Central-Transport Nagar underground section, construction work is also progressing rapidly in the approximately 5 km long Baradevi-Naubasta elevated section.

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