NHSRCL plans to turn coaches into clinics for bullet train project

High Speed Bullet Train Project in India
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New Delhi: In order to ease out the issue pertaining to land acquisition for Bullet Train, National High-Speed Rail Corporation (NHSRCL) has come out with a sensible solution. It plans to turn coaches into clinics that will help Indian Railways in acquiring land.

NHSRCL has taken this call after it learnt that villagers needed better health facilities. The villagers also need access to education, portable water as well as infrastructure facility.

The officials plan to turn coaches into clinic to at least make medical facilities accessible to villagers. This step will ease out the tension and pay way for faster progress of Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train project. NHSRCL is currently under the process to obtain land for the 508-km long corridor.

The project is thought over keeping in mind the interest of villagers whose land will be acquired to construct India’s first Bullet Train. This will be the first high-speed rail project in the country.

Indian Railways plans to convert railway coaches into prefabricated polyclinics. With this decision the railway are hoping to ease out land acquisition process. NHSRCL will require 1400 hectare land for the entire project. They have only managed to acquire only 0.9 hectare.

The first polyclinic is expected to be launched in September’s first week.

Achal Khare, managing director NHSRCL had shared that the services to be implemented in synchronization with the district administration.

NHSRCL will do everything in their capacity to help villagers whose land will be acquired for the project. They have already started working in Palghar where they received request for health unit. A team of doctors and nurses will visit the village twice a week. The rundown health centre is being renovated too.

Containers have been purchased to be converted into clinics. Indian Railway plans to buy container shaped railway coaches later on. The interior of the coaches will be made as per the requirement of a polyclinic.

Other demands that have come from villagers include bore wells for underground water, renovating schools to access to clean drinking water.

NHSRCL will make arrangement to meet demand for water. They also plan to initiate industrial training programs to creating self-help groups to help in employment generating opportunities.



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