NHSRCL receives bids from 25 firms for Preparation of GADs for Various HSR Corridors of length 2365 km

NHSRCL invited bids for this work in March this year with a completion period of eight months.

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NEW DELHI (Metro Rail News): National High-Speed Rail Corporation Limited (NHSRCL) has received bids from 25 companies for the preparation of General Arrangement Drawings (GADs) for various High-Speed Rail Corridors of length of 2365 km approximately.

As per NHSRL, present assignment is for Preparation of GADs of Crossing Bridges over Rivers/Canals/Railways/Roads (Expressway, NH & SH and Major District Roads) and GADs of Station Yards and Maintenance Depots for DPR of Various High Speed Rail Corridors as given below –

  • Mumbai-Hyderabad High Speed Rail Corridor – 711 kms (Approx.)
  • Delhi-Amritsar High Speed Rail Corridor – 459 kms (Approx.)
  • Chennai-Mysore High Speed Rail Corridor – 435 kms (Approx.)
  • Varanasi-Howrah High Speed Rail Corridor – 760 kms (Approx.)
  • Total = 2365 kms (Approx.)

NHSRCL invited bids for this work in March this year with completion period of eight months. The names of the bidders are given below –

  • Arkitechno Consultants
  • Artefact Projects
  • aXYKno Capital Services
  • Balaji Railroad Systems
  • CE Testing Company
  • Chaitanya Projects Consultancy
  • Cos Consultancy Services
  • Delf Consulting Engineers India
  • Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System (DIMMTS)
  • Dynamic Projects
  • Fortress Infracon
  • Geo Designs and Research
  • Holtec Consulting
  • Lion Engineering Consultants
  • Aakar Abhinav Consultants
  • Highway Engineering Magnitude Consortium
  • Park Projects Consultancy
  • SATRA Services and Solutions
  • Spectrum Techno Consultants
  • Technical Consultancy Services
  • Tractebel Engineering
  • Translink Infrastructure
  • Voyants Solutions

Tender No – NHSRCL/CO/CA/GAD/2021/06

Name of Work – Preparation of General Arrangement Drawings (GADs) of Crossing Bridges over Rivers/Canals/Railways and Roads (Expressway, NH & SH and Major District Roads) and GADs of proposed Stations and Maintenance Depots for Detailed Project Report (DPR) of Various HSR Corridors (about 2365 kms long).

The bids will be now sent for technical evaluation and after that, financial bids will be opened of the technically qualified bidders which will reveal the name of the lowest bidder and the most likely winner of this contract. The whole process will take another few months.

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