NVS Reddy Examines Hyderabad Airport Metro

In the next days, the remaining 300 metres of the makeshift road on the mound will be laid.

Hyderabad Airport Metro/ Representational Image
Representational Image

HYDERABAD (Metro Rail News): The managing director of Hyderabad Airport Metro Limited (HAML), NVS Reddy along with senior engineers examined the Airport Metro alignment on the Rajendranagar hills on 26 April 2023.

According to HAML, the construction of the Airport metro viaduct on this hillock will be a tough task because of the tremendously undulating terrain full of steep heights, rocks, and valley spots.

Following an inspection, the HAML has chosen to install protective barriers on the ORR side that are strong and tall enough to prevent rocks from rolling onto the metro rail. These protection barriers were suggested since the ORR’s design leaves barely 18 feet between the Metro alignment and the crash barrier edge.

In addition, the HAML has decided, after consulting with experts, to use a boulder stabilisation mechanism and install protective fencing on the left side of the Airport Metro Right of Way (RoW). With this protection, the metro viaduct region will be protected from being used for criminal activity.

In the meanwhile, Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) will work with boundary survey stones to designate the Airport Metro area from the surrounding private properties to prevent encroachments. To prevent cutting rocks, the possibility of building the metro viaduct on short pillars will also be investigated.

In order to allow rainwater to enter the ORR drainage system, cross drains with pipes of sufficient diameter will be installed at the temporary road that HAML built on the hill. In order to facilitate the pre-construction activities, the final 300 meters of the temporary road on the hillock will be laid in the upcoming days.


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