Pune Metro Conducts Trials on the Under-river Stretch from Civil Court to Swargate Metro Station

The metro covered a distance of about 3.64 kilometres at an average speed of 7.5 Kmph in 59 minutes, crossing three metro stations in between.

Joint Venture of Tata-Siemens will develop the metro corridor for Pune Metro
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PUNE (Metro Rail News): Maha Metro conducted the trials of the Pune metro stretch on the underground section from the Civil Court to Swargate Metro Station on 5th Feb 2024. 


The trials for the 3-coach train of the Pune metro from Rnage Hills Depot to Swargate Metro Station were conducted at an average speed of 7.5 km/hr. 

“It commenced at 10:58 Hrs from Civil Court underground metro station with a speed of less than ten kmph (averaging 7.5 kmph), crossed the Civil Court metro station, then the Mutha riverbed, Budhwar Peth, Mandai, and finally reached Swargate UG metro station at 11:59 Hrs,” the press release said. 

The trial aimed at ensuring the Schedule Of Dimensions (SOD) clearances & the train’s interaction with the civil structure to ensure there are no obstructions on the way. 

The Under-river Milestone  

“Passing between Civil Court and Swargate, it crossed beneath the Mutha river bed. Crossing the Mutha riverbed marks a historic event for Pune Metro,” the press release said. 

Post this, the Pune metro becomes the 3rd metro in India to pass through an underwater stretch after Chennai 7 Kolkata. 

Work Update 

“As of today, 98% of the work of Pune Metro has been completed, and work on the remaining stretch is in full swing. Very soon, it (Civil Court to Swargate metro stretch) will be commercially operational for the citizens of Pune,” the release said. 

Stations on the Stretch 

It includes three new stations at Budhwar Peth, Mandai and Swargate. The Budhwar Peth metro station sits approximately 30 meters beneath the surface, with Mandai and Swargate stations at around 26 and 29 meters, respectively. Additionally, the Civil Court metro station boasts a depth of approximately 33.1 meters, ranking it among the deepest metro stations in India. 

Metro Stations Dsiatnce 
Civil Court to Swargate3,641 m 
Civil Court to Budhwar Peth853 m 
Budhwar Peth to Mandai999 m
Mandai to Swargate1,489 m.

Pune Metro 

Pune metro is a rapid transit system for the city of Pune that has three lines running with a combined length of 54.14 km, of which two lines are operational as of now. The three lines are:

  1. Purple Line: PCMC Bhavan to Swargate
  2. Aqua Line: Vanaz to Ramwadi 
  3. Line 3: Hinjawadi to Civil Court via Balewadi

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