Pune Metro Extension: Geotechnical Work Underway for Swargate to Katraj on Purple Line

Geotechnical work underway
Geotechnical work underway

PUNE (Metro Rail News): Myrtle Project and Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. commenced the geotechnical investigation for the Pune Metro Purple Line’s extension from Swargate to Katraj. This 5.46 km extension, entirely underground, forms an essential part of the Pune Metro Phase 1 Extension project, also known as Phase 1A. Awaiting approval from the Central Government’s Public Investment Board (PIB), this extension will include three new stations at Market Yard (Gultekdi), Saibaba Nagar, and Katraj.

Geotechnical Investigation Details

The Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (Maha Metro) awarded Myrtle a ₹1.69 crore contract for this geotechnical work (Package P1Misc-34) in March 2024. The data obtained from Myrtle’s soil investigations will be integral in preparing the civil construction tender documents, aiding infrastructure companies in making informed financial bids, and selecting appropriate construction methods and technologies.

Active drilling for pune metro purple line's geotechnical work.
Drilling for geotechnical work.

Active drilling rigs have been spotted, notably in front of Lotus Court at Panchmi Hotel Chowk on Satara Road, marking the start of on-site investigations. The area around Market Yard (Gultekdi) Station is a focal point of these activities.

Additional Contracts and Services

In March, PINI India received a ₹6.84 crore contract to provide Detailed Design Consultancy (DDC) services for the extension. Their scope encompasses architectural design, tunnel ventilation (TVS), subway environmental simulation (SES), environmental control systems (ECS), building management systems (BMS), and electrical & mechanical (E&M) services, along with proof checking.

Drilling for geotechnical work.

The local community is keenly anticipating the Pune Metro Purple Line extension from Swargate to Katraj, eager for improved metro connectivity and its benefits to daily commutes. The outcome of the Public Investment Board’s decision remains crucial for the continuation and success of this ambitious project.

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