RAPIDX Introduces Dedicated Women’s Coach for Safe and Comfortable Regional Commute

Exclusive coach for women on Delhi-Meerut route to enhance security and convenience.

India's first regional rail system, RAPIDX , Women Coach
India's first regional rail system, RAPIDX , Women Coach

NEW DELHI (Metro Rail News): India’s first regional rail system, RAPIDX, will have a special coach for women on every train. In addition, women are entitled to exclusive use of the second coach heading from Delhi to Meerut to provide secure and comfortable regional travel.

• The women’s coach will be located in the trainset’s second carriage or immediately following the premium coach as it moves from Delhi to Meerut. While travelling from Meerut to Delhi, it would be the second-to-last coach of the train, right before the first-class coach.

• At platform level and train door openings, appropriate signage is used to identify these ladies’ coaches. There will be 72 seats available on this reserved coach. In addition, ten additional seats in other train cars are also set aside for female passengers.

• The NCRTC has been working constantly to make RAPIDX more accessible and guarantee women safe and comfortable travel. A step in this direction is selecting a dedicated women’s coach. In addition to this, the train’s other coaches have also been equipped with reserved seating.


• To make it more convenient for commuters travelling with young children, diaper-changing stations have also been added at each station connected with other public transportation options.

• A Train Attendant will be assigned to every RAPIDX train, and they will play a crucial role in acquainting passengers with the facilities provided there and ensuring their safe and secure trip.

• The NCRTC seeks to promote an atmosphere where women feel safe using public transport, whether travelling alone or with a companion. Security staff have been assigned to monitor various movements to improve safety, while CCTV cameras are being put in and around the station’s premises for 24/7 surveillance.

• The NCRTC has taken several steps to ensure commuters’ safety and comfort, including installing Platform Screen Doors (PSD) at every station, dedicating a space in the train for wheelchairs and stretchers, and installing lifts at every station that can also hold stretchers. Further facilitating universal access at the stations will include well-lit pedestrian-friendly pathways, lifts/escalators, seating places, and other commuter-centric facilities.

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• To ensure the safety and dependability of commuters’ end-to-end trips, the stations have designated, well-lit pick-up and drop-off zones. Additionally, the NCRTC has partnered with independent First/Last service providers to make it simple for commuters to get from point A to point B.

• For the residents of this section of the NCR, safety has influenced the majority of decisions. Despite being a nearby urban node to the National Capital, the inhabitants have been deprived of chances and services due to impaired mobility. This has been extremely hard for women. The opening of these facilities geared towards women will result in essential developments and opportunities that will empower women in many ways.

• The RAPIDX is made to meet the various requirements of different societal groups, including those of women. When they travel, the two main concerns for women are convenience and safety.
For women, it will change the game since it will give them better access to jobs, education, healthcare, economic opportunities, and smooth and quick connectivity.

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• By 2025, NCRTC hopes to open the entire 82-kilometre Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut route to the general public. Before that, a 17-km Priority Section with five stations between Sahibabad and Duhai Depot would be operationalized very soon.


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