RLDA conducts a pre-feasibility study for the mass transit system from Mathura-Vrindavan

RLDA also conducted the pre-bidding meeting for the New Delhi, Puducherry & Tirupati railway stations meanwhile the nationwide lockdown to control the spread of Covid-19


NEW DELHI (Metro Rail News): The pre-feasibility study on the construction & monetization of a mass transit system among Mathura – Vrindavan is ready to be conducted by Railway Land Development Authority (RLDA).

RLDA also conducted the pre-bidding meeting for the New Delhi, Puducherry & Tirupati railway stations meanwhile the nationwide lockdown to decrease the spread of Covid-19.

Vice-Chairman of RLDA, Ved Parkash Dudeja told that Vrindavan is a famous religious destination & witnesses a high influx of pilgrims each year and situated around 11 km from Mathura.

Dudeja also stated that the intended transport solution will be instrumental in leading in commercial growth, generation of employment opportunities & promoting the tourism potential of the sector.

The vital location with better connectivity will contribute a good return on expense to commercial players. A senior RLDA official said IANS that RLDA will lead a pre-feasibility study on the growth & monetization of mass transit system from 12 km long Mathura to Vrindavan.

Recently RLDA was awarded the contract for directing the pre-feasibility study of the project. The study follows with the vision of the central govt to this mass transit system in meter gauge track from Mathura to Vrindavan.

According to the official, the track is not extensively used and has a right of way of 20 to 22 meters. The purpose of the pre-feasibility study is to evaluate the expansion and monetization of a Mass Transit System to the track this will involve but is not limited to connecting of land banks of the track & monetization potential of operational assets threat.

The RLDA embraced a digital model to assure persistent operations and stated that it was holding pre-bid meetings for leasing many land parcels over the country, during the lockdown.

RLDA is a statutory body following the Railway Ministry seems after the construction of vacant railway land for commercial use in line with the objective to generate revenue by non-tariff areas.

On April 21, it kept pre-bid meetings for railway stations at Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh & Dehradun in Uttarakhand. In the last 2 months, it has asked bids for leasing many land parcels and is carrying pre-bid meetings through video conferencing to sustain the momentum.

Along with that it also held a pre-bid meeting for the redevelopment in which 30 companies with foreign & domestic firms participated in the New Delhi railway station in the month of May. Freshly it has also carried a pre-bid meeting for the re-development of the Puducherry railway station.


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