Škoda Group Partners with Tata AutoComp Systems for Indian Railway Components

This collaboration sets the framework for a strategic joint venture aimed at producing components for the growing Indian railway and public mobility market.

Škoda Group collaborates with TATA AutoComp systems to produce components for Indian Railways
Škoda Group collaborates with TATA AutoComp systems to produce components for Indian Railways
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MUMBAI (Metro Rail News): Tata AutoComp Systems, a major player in the Indian auto component industry, has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Škoda Group, a prominent European company that makes parts and vehicles for public transportation. Their goal is to create a strong partnership focused on making components for the expanding railway and public mobility market in India.

According to Tata AutoComp, it is a major player in the supply of electric vehicle systems and parts, and this alliance will help it further diversify its business and bolster its position in the bus, metro, and railway industries.

Arvind Goel, who is the Chairman of Tata AutoComp, said that teaming up with Škoda Group will make their presence stronger in making the latest electrical equipment and parts for trains, subways, and buses in India.

Petr Novotný, President ( Components & Bus Mobility ), Škoda Group, expressed enthusiasm about their collaboration with TATA AutoComp Systems. He highlighted this partnership as an exciting chance to enter the Indian railway and bus public mobility market. He further emphasized that India’s immense potential, combined with its skilled workforce and high market demand, seamlessly aligns with Škoda Group’s growth strategy. Novotný affirmed their joint commitment to exploring fresh opportunities and devising innovative solutions to cater to the evolving needs of the Indian railway sector.

Apart from selling their own stuff, Škoda wants to get bigger in the train and city transport areas. This is what the company said.


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