STEC bags Rs 1,126 cr UG Package 4 of Delhi-Meerut RRTS corridor

The STEC has to perform the tunnelling work between New Ashok Nagar and Sahibabad in 1095 days After issuance of the letter of acceptance (LoA) by NCRTC

Cut and cover method of tunneling
Cut and cover method of tunneling

New Delhi (Metro Rail News): Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co. Ltd. (STEC) today emerged as the lowest bidder for the construction of 5.6 km underground section between New Ashok Nagar and Sahibabad of Delhi-Meerut RRTS corridor from the National Capital Region Transport Corporation (NCRTC) opened online financial bids submitted by 5 bidders.

A total of five national and multinational bidders participated in the tender process. As per the results of financial bids disclosed by NCRTC, the position of all bidders are as under:-

  • Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co. Ltd. (STEC): Rs 1,126 crore (L-1)
  • Larsen & Toubro Ltd. (L&T): Rs 1,170 crore (L-2)
  • Gülermak Agir Sanayi Insaat ve Taahhut A.S. (Gulermak): Rs 1,326 crore (L-3)
  • Tata Projects Ltd.- SKEC JV: Rs 1,346 crore (L-4)
  • Afcons Infrastructure Ltd.: Rs 1,400 crore (L-5)
  • NCRTC had invited global bids for the first underground civil construction package (DM/CN/COR-OF/086) in November last year and the Technical bids for this contract package were opened on 16 March 2020.

Scope of work

The scope of work includes Design and Construction of twin tunnels by TBM from near New Ashok Nagar DN Ramp to Sahibabad UP Ramp and One Under Ground Station at Anand Vihar by Cut & Cover Method (including Architectural Finishing and Design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of Electrical and Mechanical Systems including Fire detection & suppression Systems and Hydraulic systems) on Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut RRTS Corridor.

The STEC has to perform the tunnelling work between New Ashok Nagar and Sahibabad in 1095 days After issuance of the letter of acceptance (LoA) by NCRTC. As per the contract terms, the tunnelling work will be carried out by TBM through the cut and cover method. This is the first underground contract package issued by the NCRTC.

Global tenders for the construction of the 4.5 km underground section (from Brahampuri DN Ramp to Begumpul UP Ramp and 3 Under Ground Stations at Meerut Central, Bhaisali & Begumpur) has already been invited by NCRTC in February 2020 under contract package-8.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    How come in this juncture when china is up against Bharat and gearing for war, the Bharatiya Government (NCERT/Railways) awarded the PROJECT to Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co. Ltd. (STEC), a company from our BIGGEST ENEMY country???

    We adore the Modi Government, and have HUGE hope for his governance, BUT how can you guys do this???????
    We live abroad and regularly send Forex to our motherland and NOW am REALLY feeling shame as all the chinese people abroad are NOW teasing us the Bharatiya diaspora, that you guys ONLY brag cannot do without china!!!!.

    We the entire Bharatiya diaspora earnestly REQUEST to cancel this order to this chinese company.

    Kumar, S.

  2. This is a shame where I am my friends are trying to remove all the Chinese items from our daily lives and on the other hand you are giving the contract to them. Aren’t you bothered of our country owner and respect for people.

  3. Hello Sir,
    What an Irony m seeing here… L&T / Tata are not awarded because of 44 Crore loss of bidding… TATA who gives all their Penny to PM Care Fund … Why it can not be awarded to TATA…. I am Modi Govt supporter… but this is something not good….

  4. Because all of you trusted Modi he is able to achieve such things with ease. I am India and we know this guy so never voted for him. Because of North Indians the whole country is suffering now.

  5. Dear sir? Angrejo ki nokar. U non hindu commenting using hindu name. Baago yaha se.

    Vahan se paisa bhejti to ehsaan karti kya modi ji pe?? Kitni hazaar crore bhejati tu?

    chinese indian bhai bhai. Brothers me ladai hoti hai. i still use chinese lights and crackers on Diwali and chinese pichkari on holi
    Mere mobile bi chinese. Why are you so upset on choti si baat??? Kaam karo apna.

    Har har modi …. Jai mahakal jai hindu jai mata di

    • Abe champu Tata ne to diye na 1500 cr Indian government ko, kitne zero aate he pata he kya tujhe. To khali 40 cr ka diff tha phir bhi Chinese company Ko contract diya, Aur 1 bat sale Chinese border pe ja aur phir bol Hindu Chinese bhai bhai, 2-4 late padenge g…d pe, Apne 20 soldiers mare Gaye , kuch to sharam kar.

  6. Kumar S. You need to be a little clever and understand that most Indian companies already have hundreds of projects, they just take part in these biddings to shave off chinese profit margin to an extremely thin slice and after all most of the money government will give is gonna be spent on Indian labour and construction material and nothing is imported except some technologies so at the end chinese are subsidizing the project cost by under-bidding at the expense of their taxpayers and they do the same thing in solar project biddings too so this is harming their own people more than it does to us and hence we are the ones benefitting and not them…. One of the main reasons why since Modi has come we have seen rapid infra development and electrification because now Indian companies don’t cheat the Indian public like they used to, you also need to understand that their are more enemies within than outside

  7. Dear all it’s time to do something against this act.
    We can write bring this act to PRIME MINISTER’S OFFICE SITE.
    and Apple them to cancel this tender.
    As still we r not late.
    Still work order might not been rewarded to the company, and advance won’t be given to the company.

  8. TATA should have been given the project. Make in India should be done in every single level, from top to bottom.

    Government should endorse Make in India, if it wants public to endorse the same.

    Same goes with 5g technology. Our own indigenously made 5g technology developed by IIT Chennai should have been endorsed by the government.

    We are hopeful, that the government will work towards the empowerment of our country


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