Steel Span Erected in the ramp area linking Priority Section to Balance Section of Kanpur Metro Corridor-1

Kanpur Metro successfully installed two 45-meter Steel Box Girders across Sisamau Nala.

Steel Span Erected to link priority Section to Balance Section of Kanpur Metro Corridor-1
Steel Span Erected to link priority Section to Balance Section of Kanpur Metro Corridor-1

KANPUR (Metro Rail News): Kanpur Metro marked a significant achievement by successfully installing two 45-meter Steel Box Girders across Sisamau Nala, facilitating a crucial connection between the Priority Section and the Balance Section near Brijendra Swaroop Park. This critical installation helps progress the ramp construction that links the 9 km-long Priority Section with the underground segment from Chunniganj to Nayaganj. Previously, a similar Steel Box Girder was installed at Rawatpur Tiraha during the initial stages of the Priority Section construction (IIT—Moti Jheel).

The Metro viaduct, spanning from IIT to Motijheel, crosses over Sisamau Nala to merge with the ramp leading to the Chunniganj-Nayaganj underground section. The choice to use Steel Box Girders was made due to the considerable 45-meter distance between the pillars on either side of Sisamau Nala, where conventional U-girders or I-girders were unsuitable.

Shri Sushil Kumar, Managing Director of UPMRC, congratulated the Kanpur Metro engineers, stating, “Implementing Steel Box Girders for both the ‘Up-line’ and ‘Down-line’ over such a span was crucial. Their successful erection today marks the completion of the steel span across Sisamau Nala.”

Why Steel Box Girders Were Necessary:

Positioned over one of the city’s largest drains, Sisamau Nala, Steel Box Girders were essential due to their ability to span the required distance without supports in the middle, which is not feasible with shorter U-girders or I-girders.

Challenges Faced by UPMRC:

Each girder, comprising five segments, posed unique challenges due to spatial constraints that prevented assembling all segments at once. Thus, the girders were assembled in two parts on either side of the nala and then connected across the drain.

Key Features of the Steel Box Girders:

These girders are longer but lighter than the U-girders typically used in the corridor. Each Steel Box Girder measures 45 meters and weighs about 120 tonnes, compared to the 27-meter, 147-tonne U-girders.

Steel Box Girders are planned for three critical points in the Corridor-1 construction between IIT and Naubasta in Kanpur. The first was installed at Rawatpur Tiraha, and future installations are planned near Vasant Vihar, addressing challenges posed by heavy traffic and the required span between pillars.


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