TBM Azad of Kanpur Metro Begins its Main Drive on the Underground Section 

TBM Azad will construct the up-line for the Kanpur Central to Nayaganj section.

TBM Azad of Kanpur Metro Begins its Main Drive on the Underground Section
TBM Azad of Kanpur Metro Begins its Main Drive on the Underground Section

KANPUR (Metro Rail News): TBM Azad of the Kanpur Metro has achieved its main drive after completing the initial drive of 75  meters on the Kanpur Central to Nayaganj stretch of Corridor-1 of the Kanpur Metro Rail Project. 


The TBM commenced its main drive after a formal puja held in the presence of senior officials of UPMRC. It has been designated to construct a 1250-m-long tunnel on the Kanpur Central -Nayaganj stretch of the Corridor-1 of the Kanpur Metro Rail Project. 

Initial drive 

TBMs generally make two drives into the tunnelling assignment. The first is the Initial Drive, and the Second is the Main Drive. It is working on the Up-line of the specified corridor. The metro’s initial drive was completed on  November 11, 2023. 

Integration with the Backup unit

Integrating the shield with the backup unit began just after the completion of the initial drive, which involves lowering the backup system unit into the launching shaft and further connecting it with the shield of the TBM. Once this arrangement is achieved, the tunnelling is further pushed through by the Loco Pilot. The Backup system unit is the Control Room of The TBM. 


TBMs are operationalised 124 hours daily from the control room while the engineers maintain the system in different shifts. 


Afcons had commissioned its first Tunnel Boring Machine – TBM Azad (S-640B), for constructing Kanpur Metro’s underground package KNPCC-06. This is Kanpur metro’s Third TBM to be deployed so far for constructing 23.785 Km line 1 between IIT Kanpur & Naubasta. The lowering began in August 2023. 

Package KPNCC-06

The KPNCC-06 package, with a budget of Rs 1087.67 Crores, links Nayaganj Station and Transport Nagar ramp, encompassing three stations along the route – Kanpur Central, Jhakarkatti, and Transport Nagar. Awarded to Afcons-SAM JV in March 2022, the project is slated for completion within a 36-month timeframe.

This is the very same machine that had constructed the Kolkata Metro’s 16.34 Km line-2 passing under the Hoogly River. 

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