Tenders invited for construction of Depot cum Workshop at Subhash Nagar


BHOPAL (METRO RAIL NEWS): Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Limited (MPMRCL) has invited E-Tenders from reputed and experienced contractors for the Construction of Depot cum Workshop at Subhash Nagar for the Bhopal Metro Rail Project.

Source of Funds:

The Employer has applied for loans from the European Investment Bank – EIB (hereinafter called “Funding Agency”) towards the part cost of the Project and intends to apply a portion of the proceeds of the loans for payments under this Contract. Disbursement of the loans will be subject, in all respects, to the terms and conditions of the Loan Agreements, including the disbursement procedures and the applicable guidelines of EIB (http://www.eib.org/attachments/strategies/ guide_to_procurement_en.pdf).

Key Details:

  • Name of work: Construction of Rolling Stock Depot cum Workshop at Subhash Nagar for Bhopal Metro Rail Project
  • Approx. cost of work: INR 3,22,91,41,307/-
  • Completion Period: 1092 Days
  • Pre Bid Meeting Date: 06-Oct-2021 11:00 AM
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 04-Nov-2021 11:00 AM
  • Bid Submission End Date: 11-Nov-2021 04:00 PM
  • Bid Opening Date: 12-Nov-2021 04:30 PM

The scope of work Bhopal Metro Depot work :

Depot is to be constructed based on IGBC Platinum Rating. The work content in this contract consists of, but is not limited to, supplying all labour, materials, tools, plants and necessary machinery as required to completely execute all works relating to:

  • Construction of following buildings at the Metro Train Depot cum Workshop at Subhash Nagar, Bhopal:
    • Boundary wall , Diaphragm wall, Earth work and land area grading works, Cutting and filling.
    • Repair shops (Pre-Fabricated Building) for major repair of Metro trains.
    • Inspection sheds (Pre-Fabricated Building) for routine inspection of Metro trains.
    • Stabling shed (Pre-Fabricated Building) for night stabling of Metro trains.
    • Covered offices for major repair & routine inspection of Metro trains.
    • Depot stores with loading unloading facility and storage facility for inflammables.
    • Engineering Train Unit (ETU) stabling (Pre-Fabricated Building).
    • Internal cleaning shed (Pre-Fabricated Building)
    • Pit wheel lathe shed (Pre-Fabricated Building)
    • P-way, S&T, E&M, Traction workshop and Office building.
    • Underground water tanks, pump room and water distribution system.
    • Water Filtration plant and control room.
    • Sewage and Effluent treatment plant and control room.
    • Administrative Building, OCC & DCC
    • Training Centre & canteen building
    • Time office and security building.
    • Car parking for four wheelers and two wheeler-parking facilities
    • Receiving cum Traction Sub-station and Aux. Sub-station building
    • Metro Coach Unloading facilities
    • Check posts
    • Approach roads and Main/Access Gates.
    • Pathways and Inspection Platforms in Inspection, workshops and Stabling.
    • Pits in Inspection, workshops, stabling, Interior cleaning and Pit wheel Lathe.
    • Boundary walls and Fencing (other than peripheral)
    • Services- Electrical (Illumination and Power distribution) and Plumbing (water supply- raw, soft water, RO and treated water, storm water, sewage and effluent and compressed air).
    • EOT Cranes for Inspection, Workshops, ETU and PWL.
    • Compressor and compressed air lines.
    • Civil / Foundation work for M & P (Machinery & Plant)
    • M & P and STP, ETP & WTP
    • Approach ramp for main line tracks.
    • Finishes and waterproofing of above structures and facilities.
    • Firefighting facilities.
    • Approval from statutory authorities.
    • Interfacing with designated contractors – Civil Contract Viaduct/Abutment/Station for boundary / retaining wall, road works etc., systems contractors track, traction, signalling and telecom, rolling stock, solar system, MEP and AFC contractors and providing access of various buildings sites to these contractors.
    • Interfacing with M & P contractors- Pit wheel lathe, Blow Down Plant, Train wash, Pit jack and mobile jack contractors and providing civil, structural & and plumbing- water & drainage and electrical-power & earthing requirements of these contractors.
    • Interfacing with Rolling Stock contractors and providing their requirements.
    • Interfacing with Solar Power System contractors and providing their requirements.
    • Obtaining IGBC Platinum Rating.
    • Depot contractor shall verify the DDC’s detailed design, calculation/reports etc. by doing his own calculations, Design verification, shop drawings, calculation/reports etc based on the DDC design.
    • Trenches, ducts, cable trays, raceways and cable tray hangers including conduits for High Voltage cables, Traction cables, Signalling and telecom, AFC, Emergency Tripping devices, LAN and optical fibres.
    • Rain Water Harvesting along with re-charge pit and silting chamber. Outfall/outlet connection to existing Municipal manhole/drains.
    • Geophysical investigation and Installation of Borewell as water resources.

Tenderers may download the tender documents from the official e-portal https://etenders.gov.in/eprocure/app from 25.08.2021 to 11.11.2021.


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