The Futala Viewing Gallery project is in full flow in Nagpur.

Maha Metro created a new design. Instead, a cement concrete road is being built behind the gallery under the revised plan.

Futala Viewing Gallery to be completed soon
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NAGPUR, (Metro Rail News): The Futala Viewing Gallery and cement concrete (CC) road project is progressing fast. It is a Central Road Fund (CRF) project with an estimated cost of Rs 113 crore. The project will be finished on schedule.

The project is divided into three parts

1) Projector Room with Viewing Gallery
2) Parking Plaza with Multiple Levels
3) Road Made of Cement and Concrete

The gallery is 350 meters long and has a seating capacity of 4,000 people. The Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) is creating a multimedia laser display in Futala Lake, which will be visible from the gallery. In addition to the gallery, a project room is being created for the exhibition. The gallery will be completely covered by a 350-meter-long tensile roof.
Parking will be available near the gallery. It will feature parking for 13 cars, 24 motorcycles, and 24 bicycles.

Parking Plaza with Multiple Levels

A multilevel parking structure will be erected near the gallery so that visitors who come to see the show can park their cars. It’ll be a mechanised puzzle parking system. There will be 1,000 parking spaces for vehicles and 305 spaces for motorcycles.

• Cement Concrete Road

The road is 2.86 kilometers long. It runs along the Futala lake in the gallery’s backyard and on approaches. It is 18 m wide and 90 percent finished.

On June 15, the Nagpur Heritage Committee evaluated the proposal and found no objections. Previously, Maha Metro intended to build a traffic tunnel beneath the gallery in accordance with Public Works Department (PWD) directives.
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This tunnel, however, was abandoned in January 2019, and the final drawing approved by PWD in October 2019 did not contain it. According to NIT’s multimedia laser show expert, the tunnel wall below the gallery will have acoustical concerns as well as other technical issues. As a result, Maha Metro created a new design. Instead, a cement concrete road is being built behind the gallery under the revised plan.

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