The Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train may reach Delhi

Bullet train/ Representational image

NEW DELHI (Metro Rail News): The bullet train from Mumbai moved ahead on Tuesday with the National High-Speed Railway Corporation extending the Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train all the way to Delhi and also adding seven new corridors, including two from Mumbai – one to Hyderabad and another to Nagpur.

However, the current Maharashtra government has taken a stand that they will review the existing Mumbai-Ahmedabad project as well as a part of the wider audit of infrastructure projects.

The NHSRCL is in the process of preparation of a Detailed Project Report for new high-speed rail corridors and we have let out an assignment for data collection and associated survey work for the Delhi-Jaipur-Udaipur-Ahmedabad High-Speed Rail corridor which will be approximately 886 km,” an official said.

“The tracks alignment of the proposed corridor has been planned within and/or along the existing/planned Highway/Expressway and Railways land, keeping in view the speed and constructability requirements. The expected path of the mainline (excluding facilities) will be approximately 17.5 m (± 5 m) depending on the project requirement,” he added.

“The Detailed Project Report (DPR) will basically identify crossings (existing and proposed) along existing rail lines, road and rivers, heritage structures on the way and historical monuments, tombs, ASI sites along with religious structures, etc. It will also be important to collect hydrological data for water bodies, rainfall, and other geotechnical data”, he added.

The plan is also to carry out a ridership study to assess the existing traffic characteristics, assessment on the proposed alignment, station and section loads with Peak Hour Peak Direction Traffic (PHPDT) and demand projection phase-wise to be done for the base year, the first year of operation and 20 years beyond that.

In addition to this, seven new HSR corridors in India, including two new from Mumbai have been planned, which include Delhi-Varanasi (865km), Mumbai-Nagpur (753km), Delhi-Ahmedabad (886km), Chennai-Mysore (435km), Delhi-Amritsar (459km), Mumbai-Hyderabad (711km) and Varanasi-Howrah (760km)


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