Third Rail Work Commences on the Underground Section of The Agra Metro 

Agra metro will feature a Third rail system parallel to the tracks with 750 Volts of Current.


AGRA (Metro Rail News): As per the latest reports, the laying of the Third Rail system has been completed in the Agra Metro rail depot and the elevated Section of the Agra metro. 

Further Progress 

Further plans include laying the Third rail system on the remaining underground section of the Agra Metro to facilitate hassle-free and seamless functioning of the metro. 


The Third rail technology will run parallel along the tracks of the Agra Metro with no Overhead equipment. It will make the power supply easier and protect it from unwanted elements. The rail setup will operate on 750 volts of DC Current. 

Seamless Functioning 

This arrangement will ensure the seamless and efficient functioning of the Agra Metro, thereby providing commuters a world-class experience in the Urban transportation sector. This will be one of the most innovative and world-class initiatives propagated by the UPMRC. 

Enhanced Efficiency 

This will even contribute to the enhanced efficiency of the Agra Metro network as it won’t be subject to impediments like kites, birds, etc. 

Intact Aesthetics 

One of the notable advantages of the Third Rail System is its unobtrusive nature. Unlike traditional overhead equipment systems, which are susceptible to disruptions caused by birds and kites, the third rail system remains unaffected and ensures an intact aesthetics of the city. It helps easily blend the metro system with the city’s skyline. 

What is the Third Rail System?

The Third Rail System, also referred to as a live rail, electric rail, or conductor rail, is a method of supplying electric power to trains through a semi-continuous rigid conductor positioned alongside or between the running rails of a railway track. This system provides direct electrical power to the train, facilitating efficient and reliable operation.

How does the Third Rail System operate?

In the Third Rail System, a supplementary rail track, known as the conductor rail, is installed parallel to the standard railway tracks. This conductor rail typically carries electrical power at 600 or 750 volts, ensuring metro trains’ seamless and continuous operation.

Agra Metro 

Agra metro is a Rapid Transit Metro Project in Agra consisting of 2 metro lines totalling 29.65 Kilometers. The Agra Metro has two corridors: 

Corridor 01

The length of the Sikandra to Taj East Gate corridor is 14.00 km, which is partly elevated and partly underground and comprises 13 stations (6 elevated and seven underground).

Corridor 02

The length of the Agra Cantt to Kalindi Vihar corridor is 15.40 km, comprising 14 elevated stations.

Commercial operations on the Priority Corridor running from the Taj Mahal Esttae to the Taj Mahal Ramp are scheduled to begin in February 2024 ahead of the initial August 2024 deadline.

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