Third Vande Bharat hits cattle

The incident on Friday took place at 3.45 pm near Anand, about 432 km from Mumbai.

Third Vande Bharat hits cow for second consecutive day
Third Vande Bharat hits cow for second consecutive day

GUJARAT (Metro Rail News): The newly launched semi-high-speed train hit a cow between Kanjari and Anand stations in Gujarat on 7th October, resulting in minor damage to the train’s nose panel, one day after the Gandhinagar-Mumbai Vande Bharat Express collided with buffaloes.

The Gandhinagar-Mumbai Vande Bharat Express after it hit four buffaloes on the way, its nose cone had to be replaced.

The incident on 7th October took place at 3.45 pm near Anand, about 432 km from Mumbai. “The Mumbai train ran over into a cow that came in its path. The incident took place around 3.45 pm. There is not much damage and the train had to halt for about 10 minutes. It is presently on its way to Mumbai,” an official at the Western Railways, Vadodara stated.

On 6th October, panels on the nose of the express train’s engine were damaged. Officials said the train resumed its journey to Gandhinagar after an eight-minute halt and arrived there as per scheduled.

“Three-four buffaloes that suddenly appeared on the tracks while the Vande Bharat train was heading towards Gandhinagar damaged the FRP (fiber-reinforced plastic) panels on the nose of the engine. These panels are lightweight and so got damaged…it did not impact the functioning of the train. The train left the spot after an eight-minute halt [for the removal of buffalo] carcasses and continued on its journey,” said a western railway spokesperson.

According to a railway official, the most recent incident resulted in only a small dent on the nose cone panel and no other significant damage to the train.
Modi boarded the Vande Bharat Express train at Gandhinagar station on September 30 and rode it to Ahmedabad. In the nation, this is the third Vande Bharat train.




  1. Expansion of rail corridors should be augmented with ROW Fencing while provisioning for safe Animal crossing corridors. Why endanger the lives of passengers as well as Animals.


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