Two new exhibits at Delhi Metro Museum include a pantograph & models of 8 metro trains

pantograph & models of 8 metro trains at Delhi Metro Museum
pantograph & models of 8 metro trains at Delhi Metro Museum

DELHI (Metro Rail News): Officials said that there are two new exciting exhibits recently presented at the Delhi Metro Museum include a pantograph used by trains to draw power and models of eight metro trains operating around the country. In addition, they claimed the Delhi Metro Museum, which opened in 2009 at the Patel Chowk Metro Station, contains over 50 distinct panels, models, exhibitions, and photo galleries charting the DMRC’s glorious journey.s

A senior metro official described a pantograph as “equipment mounted on the roof of the train that is utilised to draw power from overhead electrification (OHE) lines.” “An out-of-service pantograph has been repaired and placed on display at the museum. “An information board has been set up, as well as images of pantographs used in metro trains,” he added.

According to the official models of eight different Metro trains, including those used by the Delhi Metro, have also been placed at the museum to show the evolution of Metro networks in the country. “This exhibit will offer visitors a sense of how India’s Metro networks have evolved dramatically in recent years,” the official said.

Despite the COVID–19 pandemic’s restriction, the Delhi Metro Museum has added another exhibit exhibiting the DMRC’s coveted Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE) Award. According to metro officials, a specialised agency will maintain the giant digital screen and other models of Metro trains, stations, and the cutter-head of a Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM).

A senior official exclaimed, “An extensive redevelopment and maintenance exercise has also been taken up to utilise this time when visitors to the museum are less in number. In a major exercise, the outer facade of the older panels has been refurbished with new designs to make the overall look of the museum more attractive”.


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