UPMRC Completes Work on 400 of 506 Metro Pile Caps For Kanpur Metro

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KANPUR (Metro Rail News): Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation (UPMRC) has completed the construction of 400 pile caps out of the 506. In order to provide a well-built foundation to the structure, the piles are caved inside the ground and pile caps are formed by integrating groups of piles and then piers (pillars) are cast on them for the elevated viaduct of the Metro structure. Alongside, the finishing of Metro stations and civil construction work of Metro depots are also in full swing.

The erection of the pre-engineered building (PEB) at IIT-K, the first Metro station of Priority Corridor, has been completed along with the cessation of finishing work. A total of 22 PEB columns have been placed in IIT-K. Now, galvanized iron sheets (opaque) and polycarbonate sheets (transparent) will be installed on them which will cover the elevated Metro station from the top. These structures are fully strengthened and save construction time, which has always been the primacy of UP Metro.

“All the PEB structures for workshop building have also been erected, that is being prepared for maintenance of Metro coaches or trains, at the Polytechnic Metro Depot. A total of 60 PEB columns have been erected in the workshop building. The preparation for laying Metro tracks at Metro Depot is in full swing and the work to set up its track beds is also being executed. Track beds can be considered as a base for laying ballast Metro tracks”, an official said.
“After the inauguration of civil construction work of Kanpur Metro on November 15, UP Metro engineers while overcoming all challenges, sustained the pace of work constantly and proved their commitment and duty. The civil construction works are now in their final stages. Last month, UP Metro completed the piling of priority corridor and now after the construction of 400 pile caps the work is in the final”, said Mr Kumar Keshav, MD, UPMRC.

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