Vande Metro To Hit The Tracks By April

Each Vande Metro train, comprising 16 air-conditioned coaches, can reach speeds of up to 130 km per hour.

Orange-white variant of the Vande Bharat Trains
Orange-white variant of the Vande Bharat Trains
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New Delhi (Metro Rail News): The Rail Coach Factory (RCF) endeavours to debut the inaugural prototype of the Vande Metro coach by April.

Vande Metro 

The Vande Metro draws inspiration from India’s pioneering semi-high-speed train, Vande Bharat, which is designed to serve intercity travellers on routes spanning up to 250 km. Featuring 16 air-conditioned coaches, each Vande Metro train can operate up to 130 km per hour.

“This train is meant for intercity traffic,” Srinivas told PTI, adding, “We are aiming that the first prototype is ready by April.”

Vande Metro coaches are set to elevate the passenger experience and accessibility, boasting a capacity of 280 passengers per coach (with seating for 100 and standing room for 180). The innovative 3×3 bench-style seating arrangement optimises space for a comfortable medium-distance journey.

Key features 

Key features include a passenger talkback system enabling communication with the train driver during emergencies and 14 sensors per coach for fire and smoke detection. Wheelchair-accessible lavatories will be provided, and implementing the Kavach system will enhance safety by preventing collisions.

Wide Gangways 

Generously wide gangways between coaches ensure seamless movement within the train. Safety and convenience are prioritized through the design of windows and doors, featuring wider openable hopper-type windows for emergencies and touch-free operation of automatic plug doors at the entrance.

Innovations & RCF 

In December, RCF introduced 24 specially designed Rajdhani sleeper coaches featuring hot water facilities in lavatories. Another batch of 24 coaches is scheduled for rollout in March, with two additional sets slated for the upcoming fiscal year. Successful trials have been conducted for Vistadome coaches intended for the historic Kalka-Shimla route. RCF will produce 30 Vistadome coaches in the next fiscal year, pending safety clearance. Currently undergoing trials on the Ambala-Sahnewal section is a double-decker cargo liner coach capable of accommodating 46 passengers and carrying six tonnes of cargo.

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