You will soon be able to pay through credit & debit card at AFC gates in Delhi Metro

Delhi Metro AFC Gates
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New Delhi ( Metro Rail News ) – Once you are back to Delhi Metro for a journey, you may have a different experience at Delhi Metro Rail Corporation’s (DMRC) Automatic Fare Collection System (AFC) gates.

With a few new features, travelling in Delhi Metro is soon going to be smoother than pre-COVID days for the commuters. According to different reports by media agencies, the passengers may be able to use their debit and credit cards to pay for their fare at AFC gates.

As per few news report, the DMRC is going to start the trial of collecting the fare directly from the debit and credit card of the users. This will decrease the total travel time of the passengers as they will not be required to recharge the smart card frequently.

In addition, keeping the current situation in view, this step will also promote contactless fare collection system. The trial is scheduled to start in December this year at the Airport Express line according to sources at DMRC.

The debit and credit card will act as smart card and the money will automatically get deducted as the passengers touch their cards at the Automatic Fare Collection(AFC) gate for exiting the metro station.

Any debit/credit card that is Rupay, Visa and Mastercard compliant will act as a smart card. And, it can be from any bank. DMRC has started to upgrade around 600 AFC gates for this purpose.


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