Bangalore Metro | BMRC finally to get Paytm option post uproar

PayTM facility at Bangalore Metro
PayTM facility at Bangalore Metro

Bengaluru: The Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (BMRCL) finally offers respite to metro commuters. BMRCL has decided to permit commuters to recharge smart cards using Paytm application. This move comes after uproar from commuters who found it difficult to recharge their cards.

This move has been welcomed by metro commuters who were facing problem for a long time. With Paytm interface, riders will be able to save time and reach destination earlier.

Commuters will be able to use Paytm app to recharge smart cards and also at major BMTC bus stations as well.

The problem came to limelight when Deccan Chronicle reported in its paper the plight of commuters. Many shared that they had to stand in serpentine queues to recharge their smart cards. This was happening owing to shortage of PoS swiping machines at most metro stations.

Metro commuters were dissuaded using smart cards and were willing to buy tickets instead. They felt that its best to buy tickets as it was faster than recharging cards.

It was after this news item that BMRCL was alerted and they decided to look for alternative method.

Commuters are happy with the move as they can now use online application to recharge the card.

Ironically, BMRCL purpose of introducing smart card was to encourage people to travel cashless. Using smart card would mean hassle-free travel. In fact, 60% commuters ended up using smart card for daily commute.

While BMRCL has allowed Paytm application of online payment, commuters want more options. They share that getting recharge at BMTC bus stations would mean standing in long queues. BMRCL should widen the online application interface to ease commuters woes.

A senior BMRCL official informs that Paytm App facility recharge will be introduced for commuters in few days. The metro officials are discussing the problem with bank officials to facilitate online payment option.

The officials also requested that commuters should not compare two metro bodies in different cities. He added that they are working towards bringing out a solution to the problem. BMRCL will always want to offer easy, comfortable and feel good travel.




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