Bangalore Metro to auction items left behind by commuters

Bidding for unclaimed items in bulk, not for individual articles

Bangalore Metro to auction items left behind by commuters
Bangalore Metro to auction items left behind by commuters

BANGALORE (Metro Rail News): A unique auction to be held in the city will see bidders hoping to lay their hands on helmets, lunch boxes, and umbrellas, among other things.

The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) is planning to auction items left behind by commuters at various metro stations and trains on the Green Line – Nagasandra to Yelachenahalli. The auction is slated to take place at the Yeshwanthpur metro station on July 18 at 10 a.m. As many as 240 items will go under the hammer.

However, there is a catch. Bids have to be made for the entire bulk of items, and not for individual items.

According to the BMRCL protocol, items left behind by passengers can neither be used by the BMRCL nor can it rot away in a corner of the lost and found the office. So, auctions are conducted to clear away items.

Regarding the unique nature of this upcoming auction, an officer of the BMRCL said: “People were allowed to bid for specific items at the previous auctions. But they bought only new or expensive items. As a result, we had a backlog of items that we needed to get rid of. So, this time, those interested have to buy all the items in bulk.”

These are articles placed in the ‘lost and found office’ for two months. The BMRCL will only auction these items if the owners don’t collect them within two months.

The BMRCL rules state that if an individual forgets his or her belongings at a metro station, it will be held at that metro station for a day. After that, the items are sent to the lost and found the office at the two stations in Yeshwantpur and Baiyappanahalli. Items lost on the Purple Line go to Baiyappanahalli and those lost on the Green Line go to Yeshwantpur.

What is up for bidding:

53 Helmet, 59 Lunchbox, 11 Bags, 21 Purse, 15 Watch, 6 Umbrella, 5 Electronic items (earphone, charger, power bank, etc.), 36 Clothes, 34 Water bottle


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