Bhopal Discoms Propose Rs 6.10 Per Unit Tariff For Metro Rail System

A tariff of Rs 610 per unit, along with separate fixed charges, in order to accommodate the upcoming metro rail system in Bhopal.

Bhopal metro
Bhopal metro/Representational image

BHOPAL (Metro Rail News): In the annual revenue requirement petition filed for the 2023-24 financial year, Discoms have proposed a particular metro rail power tariff category. This includes a tariff of Rs 6.10 per unit and separates fixed charges to accommodate Bhopal’s upcoming metro rail system.

Additionally, the tariff at which metro rail is charged in other states is also being considered, with Delhi having a rate of Rs 6.25 per unit, Telangana at Rs 4.95 per unit, Uttar Pradesh at Rs 7.30 per unit, Maharashtra at Rs 6.86 per unit, and Karnataka at Rs 5.75 per unit (in addition to the fixed charges imposed based on consumption).

For the Fiscal Year 2023-24, Bhopal and Indore expect new connections of Metro Rail for Traction and Non-Traction activities.

The Petitioners have attempted to attain the details regarding the projected load, load factor, etc., from the Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Limited, yet have yet to be successful.

 In their Annual Performance Report, the Discoms informed the regulator that they are ready to cater to the connection demands of PMRCL, having analysed the tariffs applicable to Metro Rail in other states. Thus, the Petitioners have proposed a separate tariff and Tariff Category for this purpose, as the nature of services, load factor and other parameters are distinct from other categories, including Railways.


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